Use Rustzilla to Save Rusty Metal Tanks, Trailers, Trucks and Tools

Here are some ways Rustzilla has been used by our customers to save rusty metal items.

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This product is weather proof and water resistant. Rustzilla should not be used on surfaces that touch potable food or water, including for stock, pets and wildlife.

Rusty Metal Tools and Implement Parts
Use Rustzilla rust converter to save and preserve rusty Rusty Metal Tools and Implement Parts.


Rustzilla used in Vehicle Restoration Project
View application of Rustzilla rust converter and final results in the video.

Rust on a vehicle needs to be treated to retain the integrity of the underlying metal components. Because of the size and extent of possible rusty parts, this can be a labor intensive and costly process. The advantages of using Rustzilla are the low cost and minimum hours necessary to treat the problem.

The video shows the Rustzilla rust converter being sprayed using an air gun onto the rusty areas of the vehicle. Since it only reacts with rust there is no need to apply it to any other areas. You can see how quickly the job is completed without sanding, scrapping or special priming of the area. The second half of the video shows the final results of the rust conversion process. Rustzilla converted the rust to a black primer and completely encapsulated it.

Restoring a vehicle? Rustzilla is the perfect product to address any rust issues. It’s safe, easy to use and cost effective. Use Rustzilla for all your automotive rust elimination projects!

Rustzilla saved this rusty trailer frame.Someone gave us an old trailer that was in really bad shape, but it was free. After removing the wooden boards, we saw just how bad the rust problem really was. Using a grinder, we started to go at the rust. It’s a LOT of work and still looked pretty bad after hours and hours of grinding. I decided that before putting more hours in to complete the grinding, I wanted to see if there would be any product that would work, and was going to use a popular paint specifically for rust.

While reading reviews, I found where someone mentioned using this product first and how it made all the difference before priming and painting so I ordered a small can to try it out. I’m highly impressed with the super fast results. I couldn’t believe that it was converting the rust like it does right in front of my eyes, and was so astonished that I couldn’t stop myself! I only intended to do one area, but ended up doing everything that was already cleaned down with the grinder. I’ll be ordering more, and have several items I’ll be using this on!

It is very easy to apply, just glove up, put safety glasses on, scrape or sand any loose rust and brush it on. 20 minutes later it is dry and did what it said it would.

Auto Body Rust
Applied the Rustzilla over small rust spots on the frame of my truck. Applied chassis black two part paint directly over Rustzilla. Looks good even after trips through the mud and washing. If you are putting Rustzilla over body rust and plan to put a good paint job over that, I would recommend you use an undercoat primer to keep the Rustzilla from flaking.

Rustzilla will encapsulate the rust and turn it into a black paintable primer. It is recommended to knock off any big flaking rust first. This product disrupts the rusting process. It does NOT restore the strength and structure of corroded metal. It halts corrosion, but it will not replace the bulk of metal that has been allowed to rust away.

RV Battery Tray Compartment

Rusty Truck Bed Liner Primer
Just knock down any large flaky rust before application and allow to dry for at least 24-48 hours before applying your bed liner.

Rusty Auto Parts (bolts, etc)
I used a small fine brush to apply this to some rusty auto parts like bolts. It worked really well! You probably don’t want to get this stuff over painted surfaces, so I would use as fine a brush as you could and apply it in small doses. A little bit goes a long way with this product.


Metal Desk
I used Rustzilla, which was simply amazing, converting the rust so the metal desk legs could be painted.Hurricane Michael made a mess of my office, in additional to rusting desk legs, punched out a window, ruined my flooring, screens, doors, everything in my office had to be tossed… except the desk. I refurbished the desk. It has cast iron legs, so the legs were first steel brushed and sanded. Then I used a product called Rustzilla, which was simply amazing, converting the rust to a polymer coating that then could be painted. Which I did with Rustoleum. My desk, well the legs anyway, look better than new.

Rusty Stool Base

Furniture Hardware
Watch how quick and easy it is to save rusty items and make them look almost new again with Rustzilla Rust Converter.Watch how quick and easy it is to save rusty items and make them look almost new again with Rustzilla Rust Converter.
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Tools, Gates & Garden Supports
Use Rustzilla rust converter to rescue Tools, Gates & Garden Supports such as rusty vegetable supports in a small garden.I use Rustzilla as a PRIMER on rusty tools that have been cleaned of any rust that easily comes off with a stiff brush. Also as a PRIMER on vegetable supports that I use for peppers, etc. in my small raised bed garden. It forms what seems to be a very hard, black coating that is an excellent PRIMER for over paint that forms a seal.

Decorative metal garden objects
Statues, pots, fences, gates, latches, posts.
Rustzilla rust remover saved this rusty metal table and iron lantern - now they're shiny and new looking.

Rustzilla removed rust from this beautiful grate.

Metal Roofs & Weathervanes
Use Rustzilla rust converter to rescue rusting Metal Roofs & rusty Weathervanes.


Shower or Basement Drains
About three months ago, I used Rustzilla on a cast iron shower drain. At the risk of jinxing things…this stuff worked!!!!! I had tried another product first (hardware store guy recommended that) and it worked for about two weeks. Rusty water was showing up again and when I opened up the drain cover my heart sank. The again-rusty drain, and rust on and in the silicon caulk, is shown in a photo.

Then I tried Rustzilla and…like I said…looks like it worked. Hooray!!!! The photo of the covered drain shows you why I worked so hard to solve this problem.

This was easy to use. Did not need a mask (though an open window is recommended). Wore gloves of course. Used three coats because I wanted to give it my very best effort. Perhaps as importantly, the maker of this stuff took time out of moving to help me with advice on whether to add another coat.

So take it from me: First – do not use cast iron for your shower drain. Second – if you have rust get this stuff. Third – if you’re not sure or need help, contact the company to get advice.
Before Rustzilla - Rusty water was showing up again and when I opened up the drain cover my heart sank.  After Rustzilla - if you have rust get Rustzilla Rust Remover!

Metal Doors, Basement Hatch Doors
Use Rustzilla rust converter to save rusty Metal Doors, Basement Hatch Doors.

Metal Cabinets & Shelving
Use Rustzilla rust converter to rescue rusty Metal Cabinets & Shelving.

Metal Storm Door
Make sure to knock off any big flakes off rust, and wait at least 24 hours if you decide to paint over Rustzilla. Rustzilla will also act as a primer. It will have the texture of the rust so if you want it smooth maybe sand a little.


Tools and Old Metal Items
Stops existing rust. I refurbish old metal items 100 years + old and have had great success. Years later and still no rust on treated areas.
Rustzilla rust remover - remove rust from tools - drill bit after

Sporting Goods

Ice Skate Blades
It can be used on ice skates but as the same on any metal it turns the rust into a black paintable primer. This may not look pretty on the skates so you may want to paint over the Rustzilla with silver paint.

Rustzilla can be used on the exterior parts of firearms.
Use Rustzilla rust converter to rescue rusty firearms - Rustzilla can be used on the exterior parts of firearms.

Bicycle chains and spokes.
Use Rustzilla rust converter to rescue rusty chains on bicycles.

Additional use notes

Large projects – spray bottle or garden sprayer
Use Rustzilla rust converter to rescue rusty metal on large metal projects by using a garden sprayer.Rustzilla is thin enough that it can be applied using a garden sprayer, and it kills rust instantly. Use enough Rustzilla to fill the tubing and prime the sprayer pump.

Although Rustzilla does not come in an aerosol spray, it’s formula is thin enough to spray from a spray bottle. Be sure to rinse the nozzle of the spray bottle after use.

Where NOT to use Rustzilla
Do NOT use Rustzilla on cooking surfaces or surfaces where temperatures reach 212 degrees and above.

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