Rustzilla Rust Converter – Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers love using the Rustzilla rust converter to quickly and easily save their rusty possessions. Read our frequently asked questions below.

Does using Rustzilla require any special preparation?

No, simply brush, dip or spray it onto the rusty surface. You don’t have to do any special preparation such as priming or sanding the rusty surface. For a smoother finish and better results, knock off any large flakes and clean off any grease, dirt or similar substances prior to applying it.

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Is Rustzilla safe to use?

Absolutely!  With a pH of 1.9 to 2.0, it is similar to lemon juice or vinegar. If you get any on your skin or other areas you can easily clean it up with soap and water.

How much surface area does it typically cover?

With Rustzilla, a little goes a long way:

  • 8oz. can will cover 24 sq. ft.
  • 16 oz 48 sq. ft
  • 32 oz. 96 sq. ft.
  • 1 gal. 384 sq. ft.

Do I need any special personal protective equipment when applying Rustzilla?

We recommend using gloves and eye protection. If you’re applying a large amount in a poorly ventilated space, a respirator is recommended. Most small projects require gloves only.

How many coats do I need to apply?

Most projects require just one coat, but you can apply a second coat if necessary.

How long does it take to dry?

Rustzilla will generally dry to the touch in 30-60 minutes, depending on the temperature and humidity.

How long after it dries can I paint over it?

We generally recommend letting it dry for approximately 24 hours before applying paint to it.

Can I paint items treated by Rustzilla?

Absolutely; once the Rustzilla has dried, you can easily paint over it.  We recommend waiting 24 hours before you apply paint to the treated item.

What kind of paint can be used?

Any type of oil or water based paint will work.

Can I store Rustzilla in an unheated garage?

Yes, the recommended temperature range is 45 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long can I store Rustzilla?

Rustzilla can be stored for two years.

Will Rustzilla protect metal objects left outside in the rain?

Rustzilla only reacts with rust.  If the items are already rusty you can apply the product to convert the rust.  You cannot treat non-rusty areas with the product since there is nothing for it to react to or convert.

Can you apply it to areas that are not rusty?

It’s not recommended since it is designed to react only with rusty surfaces.

Can I apply Rustzilla on cooking surfaces?

Rustzilla should not be applied to cooking surfaces or any surface that touches food.
Rustzilla has a flash point of 210 degrees Fahrenheit, so it should not be applied to any surface that would exceed that temperature.

What is Rustzilla’s hazard rating?

Rustzilla has the lowest rating possible, which is 0.

What are the types or Rustzilla available for sale?

Rustzilla is available in Original Formula, Marine Grade and DIY, which is sold in the 32 oz. size for larger projects.

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What size containers can I order?

Rustzilla is available in 8 oz., 16 oz., 32 oz. and 1 gallon containers. Commercial customers can buy it in 5 gallon pails.

Why should I use Rustzilla as opposed to another rust converter product?

Rustzilla is industry-tested and consumer-trusted for over 25 years. It is easy and safe to use,  does not require any special surface preparation, and is extremely cost-competitive compared to other products.

Save your unique and treasured rusty possessions: treat them with Rustzilla.