How to Use RUSTZILLA Rust Protection

RUSTZILLA provides ongoing rust protection – easy how-to-use instructions are below.


Remove excessive flaky paint and scaly rust with brush or sand paper. It is not necessary to remove or pre-treat normal rusty areas.


RUSTZILLA may be applied by brush, roller, spray or by dipping rusty object in bath.

Apply generously to rusted area and allow object to dry. Rusty areas will turn black in 15 to 20 minutes.

Re-apply, if necessary, to achieve a uniform, glossy finish.


For extremely bad rust or rust in cracks or crevasse, two coats may be needed to assure the complete conversion.

RUSTZILLA coating can serve as a primer or undercoating for paint. Allow 4-6 hours drying time before paint is applied. Apply a top coat when the surface is dry and tack-free.

To use a latex-based finish as a top coat, be sure to apply an appropriate primer after RUSTZILLA to prevent bleed through and insure long-term aesthetic results.


RUSTZILLA is water-reducible and may be cut with water prior to use as a spray or dip. This will lower the cost of application on light-duty jobs.


Estimated coverage area is 384 sq ft per gallon.


RUSTZILLA is not corrosive to human tissue and is very safe to use even though it is acidic in nature. This is due to the use of a unique de-arming agent.

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RUSTZILLA rust converter - how to use

RUSTZILLA rust converter marine grade - how to use