Features and Benefits – Rust Preventer

RUSTZILLA rust converter and rust preventer cleans, protects, and beautifies.  Inexpensive, completely safe to use, easy to apply and durable – you’ll love the RUSTZILLA easy one-step application: stops rust in one step!

RUSTZILLA is a surface conditioner and primer that converts rust into a protective polymeric coating. RUSTZILLA can be used anywhere rust has appeared or is a problem.

How Does it Work?

RUSTZILLA converts iron oxide (rust) into a black ferro-organic coating that incorporates the rust as part of the coating.

RUSTZILLA forms a complex latex matrix which is resistant to further oxidation. The thin semi-monomolecular coating makes RUSTZILLA suitable for treating moveable parts. A unique acid based formula allows it to quickly penetrate rusted areas and frees or separates parts that are rusted together.

Easy Application

Apply with brush, roller, spray – or dip items. Read more about how to use RUSTZILLA…

Safe to Use

RUSTZILLA is very safe to use. Read more about the safety of RUSTZILLA…


Estimated coverage area is 384 sq ft per gallon.

Don’t replace those costly items because they are rusty, RUSTZILLA them! Buy RUSTZILLA Now!