Rustzilla Listed on Best Rust Converter 2017

Rustzilla has been listed on the Best Rust Converter List for 2017!

Rustzilla best rust converter results 2017There are many options out there for rust converters. Deciding on which one to go with can be a rather confusing task.

Here is an excerpt from the Chemical Wiki Best Rust Converter List for 2017:

Easy-to-Use One-Step Application Rust Converter

Rustzilla’s rust converter is easy-to-use with a one-step application process. The preparation process is simple and does not have to be elaborate. In most cases, any scaling just needs to be removed, or loose rust particles need to be knocked away.

Save Time & Money – No Elaborate Preparation Needed

This product can also save time and money as it does not require any elaborate sanding or sandblast to be done before or after the product has been applied. It will dry into a black surface in about 48-hours, and it also provides a seal to prevent more rust from forming. This finished surface might need some mild sanding for the sake of evening the plane before it can be painted. Once more, an oil-based paint should be used as water-based paints might react with the seal. However, the finish left behind on its own without any paint, and rust will not reform by performing a protective barrier.

Works With Any Type of Metal

At the same time, it will work on almost any type of metal. Examples include stainless steel and cast iron. Farmers have used it in many applications, such as on their equipment or food troughs. This product is eco-friendly, so it will not harm any animals that might eat from its surface. It also does not contain any solvents or bases. Furthermore, Rustzilla claims their product is non-toxic and non-corrosive. For the sake of fire safety, it is also non-flammable.

No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee

Rustzilla also offers a no-risk, money-back guarantee. If a customer does not find satisfaction with their product, a full refund will be given within the first 30 days after purchase. Based on this offer, Rustzilla shows great confidence in their product.

Customer Comments

Most customers admit happiness with their purchase, especially since this rust converter does not leave behind any residue. Other customers state it is safe to use and easy-to-clean as only a little soap and warm water is needed. Placing this cleaning solution on the applied area directly before it has a chance to dry will disrupt the drying process, though. For even application, cleaning the surface should not happen until the product has dried.


• Works with organic materials to achieve rust removal.
• Leaves behind an easy-to-paint surface.
• One container can cover up to 380 square feet at 24 square feet per eight ounces of product used.


• Does not stand up for the long term on broad areas without some support being added in behind the application.
• Requires some prep before the product is used.

Excerpted from Chemical Wiki Best Rust Converter – Buyer’s Guide  at